104 Year Old Medic

In February of 2020 RCMS CWO Lucie Alain asked if RCMSA would donate an RCMSA Commemorative Coin that she could present to a 104 year Canadian Medic Cpl (Ret’d) John Pauls during her visit to Winnipeg later in the month. On behalf of the Association CWO Alain was given a Commemorative Coin and the following documents that could be presented to John Pauls:

Unfortunately with the COVID 19 Pandemic CWO Alain was not able to visit John Pauls in Feb due to lock down of his Long Term Care Home. After discussions with CWO Alain. it was requested that the CO and CSM of CF Health Svcs Centre Shilo make the presentation to John Pauls daughter.

Click here to learn more about John Pauls and the presentation event

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