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Inquiry #3

QUESTION: Is there a French version of the RCMS Commemorative Coin brochure

ANSWER: Unfortunately no but one is in the works and should be available shortly.


Inquiry #2

HELP WANTED. Looking for anyone with information on a 1986 Canadian Bombardier Iltis Ambulance CFR 88822 and/or photographs of any Iltis ambulance in service that could help guide a colleague in his restoration project. He would like to make contact with current and former CF personnel who used the Iltis ambulance as he has many questions such as the standard kit that would have been carried, the use of radio equipment in the ambulance, and if the Iltis ambulance was ever used in international deployments. If you know someone email us at info@royalcdnmedicalsvc.ca


Inquiry #1

HELP WANTED. If you or someone you know is interested in RCAMC activity overseas during WWI and WWII and would like to connect with a postal historian specializing in CAMC and RCAMC let us know info@royalcdnmedicalsvc.ca.  His collection includes postcards of many of the Canadian hospital overseas and envelopes/letters from staff overseas, including envelopes from Nursing Sisters serving across Europe including Lemnos & Salonika, Greece and St. Petersburg, Russia (1917).