Tribute to Nursing Sister Ida Crocker

104 Year Old Medic Cpl (Ret’d) John Pauls

RCMS/CFMS Get Together,  November 14, 2019

100th Anniversary of HMHS Llandovery Castle Sinking Commemorative Event June 2018

Unveiling Plaque Honouring Colonel Darby Bergin Canada’s First Surgeon General  November 7, 2016

CFMS-SSFC Ottawa Region Reunion April 28, 2016

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Teddy Bear’s Picnic B*A*S*H Tent (Bear Ambulatory Surgical Hospital) June 2015

Canadian Forces Health Services Group Change of Command Dinner June 9, 2015

RCMS-SSRC Amigos Reunion Ottawa May 30, 2014

Surgeon Commodore Archie McCallum’s Commissioning Scroll

This recently completed project involved the acquisition of the commissioning scroll of Surgeon Commodore Archie McCallum the first Director General of Naval Medical Services.