Letters from Sarajevo, Colonel Peter Green, CD, MD

Twenty years after servicing a six-month tour as IFOR Theatre Surgeon in Bosnia-Herzegovina, former FMC Command Surgeon, Colonel Peter Green has agreed to share some observations from his tour. Letters from Sarajevo examine the military medical facilities and resource in support of NATO operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina based on personal visits to all force medical installations during the period January – June 1996.  The letters provide excellent insight on the challenges of delivering medical support in multi-national theatre of operations. Click here to learn more.




Canadian Forces Medical Services: Introduction to its History and Heritage (Director General Health Services, Department of National Defence, Ottawa, 2003pdf_icon

This document provides concise history of the Canadian Forces Medical Service (CFMS) while  conveying a great deal of information and one centrally important message – that members of the CFMS belong to an organization with a proud history, with high standards of conduct and with many honourable traditions. View in English or French





G. W. L. Nicholson, Seventy Years of Service: a History of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, Ottawa: Borealis Press, 1977. – 388 p. ISBN 0919594611.





A Story of the Canadian Forces Medical Service as Told by the Colonel Commandant on the Occasion ofCFMS 25th Cover the 25th Anniversary, MGen (Retd) J.W.B Barr, CMM, KStJ, CD, QHP, MD, CM, DHA

This recently discovered document as indicated provides a review of the CFMS during it first 25 years as seen from the perspective of Colonel Commandant and former Surgeon General.

A fascinating glimpse into our history on Unification and the first 25 years as a unified medical service. Included is the establishment of a single Surgeon General, the launch of a tri-service medical category system and various other things we take for granted today.” LCdr Vincent Beswick-Escanlar.

Secretariat Note: LCdr Beswick-Escanlar, MD, RCMS, is currently on post graduate training at the Uniformed University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, and discovered the document in the university library.





Rawling, Bill, The Myriad Challenges of Peace: Canadian Forces Medical Practitioners Since the Second World War,pdf_icon Ottawa: Canadian Government Publishing, 2004

This document is a narrative of how health care was organized, practised, and supported within the Canadian Forces from the first days of peace following the Second World War to the military operations to the end of the century.


Rice BookRice, Gary H., A Sketch of Military Medicine in Canada 1867 – 2009, pdf_iconCarleton Place:  CEHR Publishing of Mississippi Mills, 2009 ISBN 696978-0-9681696-8-1

This story is  a chronological sketch of the evolution of military medicine in Canada from the last few year before confederation in 1867 to the present day.