The Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry (SD&G) Highlanders Regimental Foundation in early 2016 requested Royal220px-darbybergin23 Canadian Medical Services Association (RCMSA) financial support for the installation of an Ontario Heritage Trust plaque at the grave site of Colonel Darby Bergin, the regiments first Commanding Officer and Canada’s first Surgeon General during the North-West Rebellion.

The Association’s Board conducted appropriate research into this project including an on-site reconnaissance of the graveside and found it to be in line with the mission of the RCMSA which is, in part, to promote the contributions made by the men and women of Canada’s military medical services through public education and information sharing initiatives.  Col Bergin’s contribution as Canada’s first Surgeon General is indeed outstanding and worthy of recognition and the RCMSA was pleased to provide financial support of the SD&G project.

Click here to view photographs of the unveiling and Col Bergin’s grave site.